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Transform your life by assimilating spirituality and lead it with clarity and purpose

Discover and identify spiritual gifts that bring balance to your life.

Unleash your potential, ignite your dreams, and fulfill your purpose.

Accomplish Tranquility

Discover who you actually are with the spiritual power. Then, let me help you in the path of redesigning your life, unwrapping your desires, getting rid of roadblocks, and achieving your goals.

Adding Divinity in Lives!

While reaching their late thirties, women often get trapped with feelings of insecurities, complexes, negative mindsets, self-doubts, and a continuous drizzle of despondency. Though everyone has their own grounds to feel a certain way, most women undergo midlife crises. I’ve also been to this, so I know how it feels. Yet, through intuitive grace and experience, I help women who are ready to say yes to themselves, overcome their fears, create a growth mindset, balanced and abundant mindset.

It’s Time To Let Your Hair Down!

Struggling with finding true fulfillment and meaning in their lives is one of the most crucial challenges that mid-aged women face nowadays. Guiding you in taking the steps in order to achieve balance, self-acceptance, and, most importantly, peace in your life is what I genuinely enjoy doing.

Authenticity, Intelligibility, and Integrity!

Because You Deserve The Best!

I founded intuitive grace as a place where I can use my intuitive gifts to coach, provide readings, and work as a spiritual mentor for women worldwide.




Mental Health


Overcoming fears


Not able to identify what’s your biggest dreams


Negative mindset

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What Clients Are Saying….

Wendy Sue

I love my readings with Intuitive Grace.  I trust Erika and her guides 100%. She is a light in the darkness. Her guidance has helped me navigate some very difficult times in my life. She is my cat Carl Sorlie’s personal medium. She has helped so much with his health issues. And yes,  he actually meows/chirps continuously until she does his reading. Only then does he calm down. Carl and I are forever her biggest fans!

Emma Garrison

Erika’s gifts are unprecedented! I trust her intuition and her art. Such a gift!!!

Bebe Shawnelle

She is great! Know how to speak to the person so they hear what they need to hear. Very caring and compassionate

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